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Do I still have to do the safety briefing if I've been before?

Yes, the safety briefing is a compulsory part of climbing with us. We take Safety seriously!

What should I wear?


Comfortable loose fitting clothing. Closed toe shoes/runners that wont fall of your feet.


Comfortable loose fitting clothing. No jeans or leggings. Closed toe shoes/runners that wont fall of your feet.

Can I decide on the day if I want to do the extra challenges?

Yes you absolutely can decide at the time, but be aware we cannot guarantee their availablity as we have a limit on the number of extra challenges we can operate in a session.

Do I have to pay if I'm not climbing and just watching or helping?

Of course not - we only charge for people climbing.

What if I'm late?

We try to accommodate late arrivals, but if you're late you may need to wait until a staff member is available to harness and brief you correctly. This may impact on the amount of time climbing you have. Also, please call and let us know if possible.

If I need to cancel my booking can I get my money back?

Our cancellation policy depends on the size of your group and the amount of notice provided. 

Less than 10 people - 

> 24 hours notice - we can transfer your booking or give you a full refund. 

< 24 hours notice - we can transfer your booking but are unable to provide a refund. 

Greater than 10 people -

> 1 weeks notice - we can transfer your booking or give you a full refund.

< 1 weeks notice - we can transfer your booking but are unable to provide a refund.

(Booking numbers can be adjusted up to 72 hours before the booking)

Is there a place to park?

The parking at our venues varies depending on the location. 

Richmond - There is plenty of 1-2 hour parking in the neighbouring streets. 

Moorabbin - There is plenty of parking at the venue. 

How do I find you?

We highly recommend using Google or Apple maps to help you locate our venues. 

UpUnlimited Richmond - 

144 Murphy Street, Richmond, VIC 3121. 

UpUnlimited Moorabbin - 

4/444 Warrigal Road, Heatherton, VIC, 3202. 

How does a Climbing session work?

All our climbing sessions start on the hour with a 15 minute safety brief and are followed by a 1 hour climbing session. We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early to ensure you do not miss the safety brief.

How do the Leap & Slide work?

When you enter the climbing arena we take the names of all the people who are doing the Leap of Faith and/or Vertical Drop Slide. We then call your name out over the microphone when it is your turn to have a go. 

How does the Caving work?

The caving sessions run at quarter past and quarter to the hour every hour. Caving sessions are 30 minutes long and start straight after a climbing session or you can choose to have a 30 minute Cafe break inbetween

How does a Birthday Party work?

5 Simple steps to booking a party with Unlimited FUN

1. Call us or Book online and select your desired party options.

2. Pay a 50% Booking Deposit.

3. Send out the invites that we send to you and collect RSVPs.

4. Confirm final numbers with us 1 week prior to the party.

5. Arrive at the venue approximately 30 minutes before you are due to start, check in, grab a coffee and enjoy an AWESOME PARTY.


Example Party Schedule for a 10AM party booking - 

9:30am Party hosting family arrive to check in.

9:45am Guests arrive, Welcome to the venue and check in with wristbands.

10:00am Climbing Safety Brief Begins.

10:15am Climbing session begins. Leap of Faith and Vertical Drop Slides will be called out during the session.

11:15am Gather the group together and head over to the party room.

11:45am Depart the party room.

(Note times for Pinnacle Parties vary.)