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Get Your Up On with our 30+ Clip N Climb challenges

At UpUnlimited climbing is open to anyone, any age, any ability.

Every climb is equipped with the Trublue autobelay making it safe and easy to climb free of a belay buddy.


Clip N Climb

  • Book a session either via our website, phone or at reception. It is strongly recommended to book in advance, espcially for weekends and school holidays.
  • Every session runs for an hour climbing with an additional 15 minute safety and harnessing briefing before you start.
  • Every session starts on the hour eg 1.00pm.
  • Climbing commences at quarter past the hour after the safety session 1.15pm.
  • Once you're briefed and harnessed up - away you go.
  • Just make sure you wear comfortable clothes and sports type shoes.
  • And remember, if you're under 12 you need an adult to Check You before each climb to make sure your harness is clipped in properly.
  • If you're 5 and under you need an adult to accompany you at all times in the climbing arena.

Clip N Climb

Aged 5 and Under - $12.50pp

Aged 6 and Over - $18.50pp

Leap of Faith - $5pp

Vertical Drop Slide - $4.50pp

COMBO Leap of Faith and Vertical Drop Slide - $7.50pp

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