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Climb UP

Get Your Up On

At UpUnlimited climbing is open to anyone, any age, any ability.

Our newest venue brings you more climbing, new challenges and even higher walls. Forget your standard climbing walls… we’ve brought all the fun of Clip N Climb Richmond, plus MORE to Moorabbin. You can still race your mates on the SPEED WALLS… or for a completely different experience pit your skills against the newest climb - ASTROBALL.

See how many ways you can get serious about fun. And if you dare? Take on Australia's highest Vertical Drop Slide.

Every climb is equipped with the Trublue autobelay making it safe and easy to climb free of a belay buddy.

Had enough? Made it to the top? Want to go up again? Just jump off, glide down, and start your next climb.

And, for safety's sake - children 12 years and under require their harness to be checked by an adult before each climb.

Bookings essential


How it Works

  • Book a session either via our website, phone or at reception. It is strongly recommended to book in advance, espcially for weekends and school holidays.
  • Every session runs for an hour climbing with an additional 15 minute safety and harnessing briefing before you start.
  • Every session starts on the hour eg 1.00pm.
  • Climbing commences at quarter past the hour after the safety session 1.15pm.
  • Once you're briefed and harnessed up - away you go.
  • Just make sure you wear comfortable clothes and sports type shoes.
  • And remember, if you're under 12 you need an adult to Check You before each climb to make sure your harness is clipped in properly.
  • If you're 5 and under you need an adult to accompany you at all times in the climbing arena.

Casual Prices




Quick FAQ

Do I still have to do the safety briefing if I've been before?

Yes, the safety briefing is a compulsory part of climbing with us. We take Safety seriously!

What should I wear?

Check out our what to wear guide here. 

Can I decide on the day if I want to do the extra challenges?

Yes you absolutely can decide at the time, but be aware we cannot guarantee their availablity as we have a limit on the number of extra challenges we can operate in a session.

Do I have to pay if I'm not climbing and just watching or helping?

Of course not - we only charge for people climbing.

What if I'm late?

We try to accommodate late arrivals, but if you're late you may need to wait until a staff member is available to harness and brief you correctly. This may impact on the amount of time climbing you have. Also, please call and let us know if possible.