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Caving | UpUnlimited

Crawl, Twist, Squeeze and Scramble your way through over 85+ meters of Caving Fun. 

Our Caves are one of a kind in Australia and are as realistic as it gets! Inside you will find a network of tunnels that get you climbing, sliding and wriggling your way over and under. 

An oppurtunity to make decisions and build your confidence - Will you go with the lights on or off?  Go solo or work as a team? Choose the left, middle or right tunnel? 

Want to make it even more challenging? Speak to one of our floor staff and they will set you some additional challenges sure to UP the experience as you work your way 

through the Caves. 

How it Works

  • Book a session either on the phone or at reception. It is strongly recommended to book in advance, espcially for weekends and school holidays.
  • Every session runs for half an hour including the 5 minute safety briefing before you start.
  • Every session starts at quarter past or quarter to the hour eg 1.15pm.
  • Once you're briefed and kitted up - away you go.
  • Just make sure you wear comfortable clothes and sports type shoes.
  • Spectators can watch on from the outside using a network of cameras strategically located throughout the caves to ensure that the best moments arent missed.


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Quick FAQ

Do I still have to do the safety briefing if I've been before?

Yes, the safety briefing is a compulsory part of climbing with us. We take Safety seriously!

What should I wear?

Check out our what to wear guide here.

Can I decide on the day if I want to do the extra challenges?

Yes you absolutely can decide at the time, but be aware we cannot guarantee their availablity as we have a limit on the number of extra challenges we can operate in a session.

Do I have to pay if I'm not caving and just watching or helping?

Of course not - we only charge for people climbing.

What if I'm late?

We try to accommodate late arrivals, but if you're late you may need to wait until a staff member is available to brief you correctly. This may impact on the amount of time caving you have. Also, please call and let us know if possible.